The Travelling And Teaching Articles


An ‘insider’s guide to Corfu’ originally written for a UK publication.

This guide takes you to the more hidden, off-the-beaten-track areas of Corfu and recommends the best, least crowded, most ‘Corfiot’ tavernas and bars.


Goodbye To All This

Reflections on 10 years of teaching with the Boozers, Losers and Cruisers.

TEFL: a profession where the teachers have to read a grammar book for beginners before going in to their lessons.
Are there any other sort of teachers who have to desperately catch up with the level of knowledge that their students have? Do Geography teachers have to check an atlas before they go into class?

But then, when you meet some of your fellow teachers in the TEFL world, it’s a wonder some of them have even managed to put their trousers on in the morning. In fact, some haven’t…


Diary Of A Westminster Nobody

Written for the UK Civil Servive magazine – a piece on my time working in the Houses of Parliament.

Gordon Brown counted my chips, Lady Thatcher drooled on my spotted dick, ‘refreshed’ MPs were poured into taxis. And all the while the Palace with its bare stone staircases, its courtyards looked over by iron-grilled stained-glass windows, its ornate foyers and recess, stood impassive and imperious. With its myriad byzantine system of corridors and lobbies. And its ridiculous traditions and practices to explore…


The Magical Mystery Tour

Commissioned to be part of a feature on musical history tours, I am sent to Liverpool to rub shoulders with fellow Beatles’ obsessives.

Driving round the Fab Four’s old haunts in a replica Magical Mystery Tour bus, I am in my element…until the trip starts getting a bit too exhaustive for my tastes. And when the die-hards start crying around me, well it’s time to bond with the one person on the tour who’s never even heard of the Beatles…


La Vie En TEFL

Written for the UK Civil Service magazine back in 2015.

Saved from being down and out in Paris by taking a job teaching English as a Foreign Language to children of the impossibly rich, the never-ending appeal of the city tries to compensate for a job where you’re viewed as a heap of rags blown in off the street at best. But maybe a job as a busking chanson on the streets of Pigalle would be a better a prospect?


Teaching Tokyo

Written for the UK Civil Service magazine back in 2015.

Having ‘conquered’ Europe the next stop for the English Foreign Language teacher has to be Tokyo. The perennial honeypot for teachers seduced by the prospect of an incomprehensible language, an indecipherable alphabet, inscrutable customs and an intoxicating way of life. Getting the students to talk about anything other than Disney characters or understanding that when your boss tells you “this is not a problem” it really IS a big problem, is another matter though.


Teaching Europe

Written for the UK Civil Service magazine back in 2015.

An article recalling my experience teaching English in over 100 schools throughout Europe.

Where do you go when the world has become your oyster?

This is the first dilemma I am faced with as I take my newly acquired teaching qualification and look to start a new life of teaching and travelling…





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